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This page contains meta-information about my website, including:

  • Where the name comes from.
  • How I maintain the site.
  • My thoughts on implementation, as shown by this site.

What's a Zwitterion?

Hopefully, you should be able to find the dictionary.com definition or the Wikipedia definition. Zwitterion was my brother's suggestion when I asked him for an interesting word - I had to look it up.


One aspect of this site I've spent considerable effort on is the cachability of this site. I recommend you read Mark Nottingham's caching tutorial.

As far as I am aware, this site has never been submitted to any search engines. I am happy that a "I'm Feeling Lucky" search for "Mark Suter" on Google takes you to my site - try some of Google's other Search Features.

You can look at Google's cached copy or the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine views.


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I often describe this site as being close to technically perfect but lacking in content. If by chance you are somehow responsible for a large website in Australia, read The Australian Government Information Management Office's Accessibility page.

There are many good sites on website useability, for example, usability.gov. I try to follow most recommendations, for example, the W3's Quality Tips for Webmasters.