Key-signing at SAGE-AU 2003: Wednesday, 6th July 2003

2003-08-18 Update: All the partipicants have signed. Examine a graph of the trust links between the keys (it's a makefile target).

2003-08-06 Update: We've just completed the keysigning. The keys I received and the makefile I used are available as keysigning.tar.gz.

There will be a PGP/GPG keysigning session at the SAGE-AU 11th Annual Conference in Hobart 2003 during the Wednesday Night Birds of a Feather sessions. It requires some advance preparation and is completely optional.

A key-signing party is a get-together with PGP users for the purpose of meeting other PGP users and signing each other's keys. This helps to extend the "web of trust" to a great degree. Also, it sometimes serves as a forum to discuss strong cryptography and related issues.

To participate in this key-signing, you need to:

  1. Email your whole public key to before midnight Friday, 1st August 2003. If you do not receive my explicit acknowledgment within 24 hours, please resend your email. The following command will work for some people.
    gpg --export --armor keyid | mail -s "SAGE-AU 2003 keysigning"
  2. Print out your GPG fingerprint and bring it and a pen with you.
    gpg --fingerprint keyid | lpr
  3. Bring sufficient photographic ID that you can prove to others that you are who you claim to be (drivers' licence, passport, etc).

This key-signing party will be run according to this GPG Key-signing HOWTO. For any questions, email address, and the I will endeavor help you. updated by Mark Suter on 2003-10-25. Copyright | Privacy