This is an Internode usage meter . Here's what the command-line output looks like:

$ internode-quota-check
 mark: 21.583 GB (27.0%) and 5.1 days (16.5%) left of 80 GB, 24 Mb/s plan.
suter: 35.036 GB (63.7%) and 5.1 days (16.5%) left of 55 GB, 24 Mb/s plan.
To install, save 'internode-quota-check' to a location in your path and make it executable. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.
This tool would not exist without Perl and the CPAN modules written by many authors around the world.
Errors like "Can't locate in @INC ..." mean that you need to install extra modules. On Debian and Debian-derived systems (for example, Ubuntu), this command should install all the necessary modules:
$ sudo aptitude install libreadonly-perl libtime-local-perl libwww-mechanize-perl
For other systems, there should be a similar procedure to take advantage of the local packaging tool, for example, yum or yast.

Perl script text executable.
The html rendering of the plain old documentation in the script.
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SHA1 checksum.